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A Fraction of our Time in Math Class…

Clock as FractionReblogged “A Fraction of our Time in Math Class….” from Math Minds

Another approach to teaching fractions… time!


Reading and Writing in Mathematics

Incorporating reading and writing assignments in the mathematics curriculum has many benefits.  The primary benefit is learning mathematics content more deeply.  Reading and writing in mathematics becomes most beneficial when students are encouraged to think deeply and reason through what they read and write.  The assignments chosen by the teacher must be substantive.  Writing a paper about a mathematician or historical event in mathematics is great, but will not increase the level of understanding the way writing about mathematical concepts will.  Teachers must think critically about activities when incorporating reading and writing into their lessons.

Reading books about mathematical concepts can increase student interest in and understanding of a specific topic.  Instructing students to write about what they read can help assess the students’ understanding of the content.  Encouraging students to compare thoughts and notes about what they read and write can help foster communication about mathematical concepts. 

All educators can agree that reading and writing are very important activities and skills in education.  Reading and writing in mathematics can help students build mathematics communication skills and understand content deeply.  Keep in mind, it is not the act of reading and writing alone, but the skills developed and utilized that increases learning in mathematics.

How do you incorporate reading and writing in your mathematics curriculum?

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