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Scary Real Life Math Stories

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Practical Uses for Calculus

The question finally escaped from the lips of one of my precalculus students.  The conversation went something like this:

Student: What is all this stuff useful for anyway?

Me: Precalculus is useful for preparing you for calculus.

Student: No, I mean what is calculus useful for?  Do we ever really use calculus for real life situations?

Me: Of course!  One example is the headlight used in cars.  Calculus was used to help maximize the light emitted from the headlight.

Student: As long as it’s useful for something.

He seemed satisfied.  I smiled.

As he walked away, I thought about the numerous times my students ask about the purpose of math, but this was a first.  This student wanted to know that calculus was good for something and useful in the “real world.”  So I did a little “research” and posted several sites in case someone reading this blog shares the same curiosity.

Some uses for calculus (very brief):

1. Growth rate of tumors (medicine)

2. Minimum payments due on credit cards (finance)

3. Curves for bridges, tunnels, and more (engineering)

4. Area under a curve (engineering)

5. Marginal cost (economics)

Websites to visit for more details (just a few):

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What are some other practical uses for calculus?