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Summer Math Camp Campaign

Help fund a FREE Summer Math Camp for Philadelphia students!

Math Corps Philadelphia

Val and Basir Tutoring College intern, Valerie Reason, tutoring Basir during our Super Saturday program. (Both Val and Basir will be participating in our Summer Math Camp.)

On July 6, 2015 we will launch our Summer Math Camp.  Our goal is to compensate our high school students who will tutor our 7th grade students.  We will also compensate 2 college interns to work with the camp.  In addition to compensating our tutors and interns, we would like to provide meals for the Summer Math Camp participants, as well as supplies.  In order to make this camp the success we envision, we need funds!

On April 17, 2015 we launched our Indiegogo Campaign to raise $20,000.00.  As of today, May 9, 2015, we have raised $1,273.00.  We are grateful for all the donations that are pouring in, but we need more!

Please MAKE A DONATION and help spread the word about our Math Corps Philadelphia Summer…

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Seven Secrets of How to Study Math and Science | Citywide Math and Science Institute

Seven Secrets of How to Study

Seven Secrets of How to Study Dr. Stephen Jones


As the school year comes to a close, remember to review your study strategies, skills, and habits in preparation of your final exams.  Read this blog about studying for math and science subjects and learn new ways to improve your grades.

Seven Secrets of How to Study Math and Science | Citywide Math and Science Institute.

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Math Corps Philly… Coming soon!

I am very excited to announce that Math Corps is coming to Philly.  David Shen, Chalon Downs, and I are launching the program this spring with a Saturday Math Program. We have interviewed and recruited awesome high school students to serve as peer tutors to our 7th grade students.

Math Corps started in Detroit by Leonard Boehm and Steve Kahn.  David visited Math Corps several years ago and decided he would start the program here in Philly.  He asked Chalon and I to join him and we agreed immediately.

To learn more about Math Corps watch this brief video and visit the Math Corps Wayne State University website.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting involved in Math Corps Philly.


Students Thinking Algebraically

A few days ago I experienced one of the most inspiring moments as an algebra teacher…  I gave my 9th grade students a quiz on solving equations (one-step, two-step, multi-step, literal, etc.).  One of the questions was a word problem that involved buying a season pass ticket to an amusement park versus buying single passes and making multiple visits to the park.  The first part of the question asked students to determine how many trips to the park they would have to make in order for the season pass to be the better deal.  The second part asked the students to write an equation to model the situation.  The third part asked the students to solve the equation.  Most of the students immediately solved the problem by writing and solving an equation.  When they read the second and third parts of the problem they were confused because they had already completed both parts in the beginning.  I was excited!!!!

This is why I was excited…  The students were initially asked to solve the problem using any method (it was an open-ended question).  Most of the students immediately wrote and solved an equation because that was their first thought.  These students were ahead of the test question!  They were already “thinking algebraically” before the question asked them to think algebraically.

After I collected the quizzes the students told me they were confused by the problem and wondered whether they answered it incorrectly.  I told them they answered the question exactly the way they should have.  I told them they were thinking algebraically and that is how they should be thinking.  They were pleased with my response!

The goal of algebra teachers should be to help students think algebraically.  When this happens, students begin to look at problems differently.  They begin to generalize situations and find solutions quickly (and accurately).  Thinking algebraically is a higher level of thinking that most students (and adults) never achieve.  Most of my 9th grade students are already thinking algebraically!  As much as I would like to take full credit for this, I can’t.  Their teachers before me did a phenomenal job and that makes my job easier.


Reading the Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula