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I’ve experimented with using more math puzzles in the classroom this school year.  I continue to find that games and puzzles have the potential to engage students in meaningful ways. Similar to games, puzzles can encourage collaboration and perseverance skills that will help students long-term.

About a month ago I came across a free puzzle maker called Tarsia.  Tarsia is a program for PC users that allows the creation of different types of digital puzzles that you can print out. There’s a large database of math puzzles that are compatible with Tarsia here. A colleague and I have used them during our math station activities.  Students work in collaborative groups of 2-3 to complete the puzzles.  Last week I heard students having math conversations about whether a specific piece fits or not.  Hearing students confirm their reasoning for putting a piece in a particular place can be useful…

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Choosing the Right School for Your Child

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Another Resourceful Website

The American Mathematical Society has a very resourceful website.  The page that interests me the most is the “Math Samplings” page.  In the drop down menu, there’s a tab titled “More Websites to Explore.”  On this page there is a listing of websites that covers various topics centered on math (history, news, video lectures, and more).

AMS wrote this:

“The AMS Public Awareness Office recommends these mathematics websites which have extensive links to a wide range of resources on various mathematical topics at all levels, including: the history of mathematics, mathematicians, current research, and video collections.”

I hope you find something interesting and engaging… If you do, stop back and share your experience with us!