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Radians and Degrees…

I really enjoy reading posts by Jason Marshall, PhD, The Math Dude.  He has a very simple way of explaining complex concepts.  The post that caught my attention today is What are Radians and Degrees?.  If you teach or study geometry or trigonometry you will encounter radians and degrees.  The Math Dude explains the difference between them and how to convert from one to the other.

Click here to read more about this fascinating concept in mathematics…

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Natural Geometry, Hex, and Sacred Geometry

Math Munch

Welcome to this week’s Math Munch!

People can be skeptical when some mathematicians and scientists talk about mathematics as the “mysterious code” that “underpins the world.” I mean, the natural world is so chaotic! But then you run across this:

bees on honeycellsHoneycombs are remarkably symmetrical. Each little cell is a perfect hexagon – and all bees build this way. Why? Because of mathematics.

NPR’s Robert Krulwich wrote about this in a recent post on his excellent science blog, Krulwich Wonders. I think the explanation is an amazing example of how the natural world often follows mathematical rules perfectly. Thousands of years ago, an ancient Roman scholar named Marcus Terrentius Varro conjectured that the hexagon is the shape that most efficiently breaks flat space up into little units – making honeycombs that hold the most amount of honey while using the least amount of wax. He couldn’t prove his idea, though…

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The Most Important Math Process


AKA: Order of Operations / Operator Precedence / PEMDAS / BEMDAS

Although there is so much you can do with math, without structure there is no point. If there were no rules to follow, it would be chaos – which is a fascinating math-logical reasoning in and of it-self. The process of the Order of Operations is to define the rules in solving equations. Used in basic arithmetic to calculus, this process is of the utmost importance in methods utilized in Mathematics because it sets the foundation for solving anything.


No one seems to be sure exactly when the Order of Operations took precedence in figuring out the… order of operations. The presence of this procedure can be considered to be influenced by the grammar and language when describing an equation (Peterson, 2000). On the website Dr. Math, it is mentioned that “multiplication has precedence over addition.” I take…

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Happy Pi Day – Infographic

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Happy Pi Day — Infographic.