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Happy 2014!

Happy New Year 2014

I am very excited about 2014.  I had a great 2013 and look forward to all that the New Year has to offer.  As you enter into this New Year take the time to reflect on all your accomplishments and plan the year ahead.    

2013 in Review

These are the highlights of 2013: 

  1. I big-chopped (cut my hair and went natural): YouTube Video: “Why I Love My Hair”
  2. I taught a new course (Finite Math) at a new University
  3. I flew to North Carolina via stand-by (courtesy of a buddy pass) on Thanksgiving day – a 14 hour journey
  4. I moved into a new apartment in a new neighborhood
  5. This blog had over 10,000 views (10,973 as of January 1st at 7:37 am)
  6. I improved my diet and lost a few pounds
  7. I took a Zumba class and loved it!!! 

What’s to come in 2014

These are my goals, plans, and ventures for 2014:

  1. I will teach a new course this spring: “Algebra and Algebraic Thinking for Educators”
  2. I will publish my teacher training manual (math education related, of course)
  3. Citywide will bring the NTA Tutor Certification to Philadelphia: “National Tutoring Association Certification and Training” Event
  4. I plan to post more blogs
  5. I will travel more
  6. I will increase my savings
  7. My ultimate goal: I will continue to celebrate this amazing life

Here’s to 2014!!  May you have a prosperous, fulfilling New Year!  May you accomplish all your goals and more!

Stay tuned for more Inspiring, Motivating, and Empowering blog posts!!