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The Cost of Racial Profiling: $190.97

That’s the price offered for being targeted while being Black and resting by a pool at the “IB” during a conference for which I paid.

What does this have to do with Math Education?  Well, very little, but I will say that I was attending a tutoring conference at the time of the “incident.”  I was celebrating all my years of contributions as a Math Tutor.

$190.97, the price paid for the words that felt hotter than the sun beaming on my brown skin in a place where they felt I should not have been.  Thinking back, they were right…  I should have been at an inclusive resort, rather than an exclusive one.  I was fooled by the array of brown faces around the various tables where we dined together as a “family.”  I am going to play the naïve card on this one.  I am going to choose to believe this selection of location was not intentional.

Speaking of that, I wonder what the cost of deception runs these days: promised one thing at night after talks behind closed doors, and then given $190.97 the very next morning in exchange for an experience that has changed my perception for always.  No, I knew this existed, it’s always present, but this is my first front line contact.  Oh, I’m sorry; I forgot about the meal…  the food that was supposed to be so tasty that I’d forget all about the “incident.” Sorry, it didn’t work.

Oh, did I mention that it wasn’t the direct staff of IB, but a contracted company they use.  Yes, that’s one excuse they fed me to make sure I knew it wasn’t them, just a contracted company that I’m sure they will continue to utilize and why not?

I’m not that person that publicly shares details about “injustice” delivered to them.  I usually sweep those experiences under the rug.  So, why am I writing about this… so that I can sleep tonight and tomorrow and the next day without the risk of the effects of this “evil” festering in my heart and birthing hatred for the innocent and ignorant!

Ahhhhh!!! That feels so much better.  Reviews are coming next… Stay tuned!

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Me relaxing by the Peacock Pool on April 17th.


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