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What I Learn From My Students


Every year I meet very interesting young people.  I have students from grade school through college and I learn something new from each of them.

My grade school students teach me patience.  They remind me that I was young once and someone was patient with me.

My middle school students remind me of how awkward those years can be.  I put more effort into making them feel special and smart.  I like to make them smile.  It’s the beginning of building (rebuilding) their self-confidence.

My high school students show me that the sky is the limit.  This year, in particular, they have reached beyond the limits of the sky and grabbed their dreams.  They inspire me to do more.  They remind me that teachers are necessary, welcome, and appreciated.  We really do make a difference!

My college students let me know that they still have some growing to do.  They still need a helping hand and guidance.  Although they must learn to grow, they still want to know someone will be there should they fall.  Sometimes that someone is their instructor.

I am humbled to have met and crossed paths with great minds and outstanding individuals.  They are our future teachers, policymakers, educators, accountants, engineers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, astronauts, actuaries, psychologists, and the list goes on.  They are making a difference today for tomorrow!  They are preparing today for our future and the generations to come.


Author: Math Education Concepts

I am a Co-founder of and Program Coordinator for Math Corps Philadelphia, a combined academic enrichment and mentoring program. I am the author of "Teacher Training Manual: Designed for Secondary Mathematics Teachers of African American Urban Students." I hold a Master of Education degree in Secondary Mathematics and have several years of experience teaching secondary and post-secondary mathematics.

4 thoughts on “What I Learn From My Students

  1. Nneka Kirkland you are amazing and a inspiration to me. love you sister.


  2. I am so proud of you, Baby Girl.


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