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I am a math educator at heart.  I have tutored students from various backgrounds in mathematics for approximately 20 years (one-on-one and small groups).  During my high school years, I tutored my fellow classmates in math and have always had the reputation as the “Math Wiz.”  After high school, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.  After I graduated from Penn, I sub-matriculated into their Master of Arts in Education degree program, but later withdrew to focus on family issues.  Eventually, I became a Payroll Specialist for a corporation and worked there for approximately 7 years.  Although I held a full-time position in payroll, I did not ignore my passion for teaching math.  I tutored students privately to fulfill that passion.

In 2004 I enrolled in Arcadia University’s Master of Arts in Education degree program, but later withdrew.  In April 2006, the corporation I worked for outsourced my job.  I was liberated to pursue my true love and passion: math education.  I finally earned my Master of Arts in Education degree (Concentration: Secondary Mathematics) from Arcadia.

My immediate goal was to continue to teach students in a way that they could learn math more effectively (one-on-one instruction/tutoring).  I tend to direct my efforts toward students who have an interest in learning and excelling in mathematics, but I also work with students who simply need help getting through a math course.  Of course, the latter is more laborious.

I primarily work with high school students because the teachers who had the greatest impact on me were my high school teachers.  It takes a lot to reach high school students and I know because it took a lot to reach me when I was in high school (Martin Luther King, H.S.).  Today I tutor high school students and teach college students; an ideal combination!

I will always pursue higher learning.  The more I learn about math, the more I want to learn.  I want to devote as much of my time as possible to learn every aspect of math available to human kind.  Even if I don’t master every subject or topic, I want to be aware of its existence.  I believe that one must reach a certain level of mastery in their field in order to be the most effective in that field.  I believe in being the best and that means never ceasing to learn.  Personally, I am just fascinated with math for reasons I can not explain.  Math excites me!


Author: Math Education Concepts

I am a Co-founder of and Program Coordinator for Math Corps Philadelphia, a combined academic enrichment and mentoring program. I am the author of "Teacher Training Manual: Designed for Secondary Mathematics Teachers of African American Urban Students." I hold a Master of Education degree in Secondary Mathematics and have several years of experience teaching secondary and post-secondary mathematics.

3 thoughts on “Why Math Education

  1. Everytime you communicate your history of math, I get to know you even better, daughter. Not the facts but the slant(s) of your passion.


  2. You are such an inspiration! I love that you stayed true to your passion. It seems like you ended up doing what you really love to do. I look forward to reading more about your journey as a teacher, and as a tutor.


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